Access OnDemand is an On-Demand Electrified Vehicle training platform that delivers content from various instructors to automotive service professionals. 

As Access OnDemand grows, it will become not only an On-Demand training platform, but a knowledge base focused on all Electrification. It is our desire to bring value to everyone who finds themselves in need of training, guidance, support, and information as the automotive industry evolves to become Electrified at its core. 

Access OnDemand is a division of Access, the training arm of FutureTech Auto, LLC that brings hands-on training, online instructor-led training, and On-Demand training to automotive professionals. For more information about our other training offerings, as well as offerings in Diagnostic Equipment and Support, visit

Frequently Asked Questions about Access OnDemand

  • What is and Electrified Vehicle?

    In a very broad sense, Vehicle Electrification refers to the way a vehicle operates and the technology it uses to move itself down the road. Any vehicle with an electric propulsion system or electric components can be categorized under VE, such as: -Hybrid Electric -Battery Electric -Plug-In Hybrid -Extended Range Electric -Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Because of the broad nature of capabilities that these vehicles have, one could also include autonomous vehicles and connected-car technologies.

  • What is Access OnDemand?

    It is an online learning platform that allows users to receive the Electrified Vehicle training that they need from their home or place of business, at any time of the day, and on any day of the year, from any computer or internet-enabled mobile device. As we acquire new content, we will be adding features such as live webcasts, "how to" video snippets, technical information, and more.

  • How do I participate in a training course?

    Access OnDemand has many courses available now and many that will be released in the near future. To take a single course by itself, visit our Courses page and to see them listed in alphabetical order. You an take them individually, in a topic-focused bundle, or as part of an Unlimited Training Subscription.

  • How will I get my login information?

    When you purchase a single course, a bundle, or a subscription you will choose your own login information. Be sure to use an email address that you frequently monitor, as you will receive a welcome email from Access OnDemand.

  • How do I log into my account?

    You will receive a link in your welcome email that takes you to the login screen, or simply click on “Log In” on the main menu. Don't forget to bookmark the site for quick access!

  • Can I customize my user profile?

    Yes! You can provide as little or as much information about yourself outside of the required fields. We encourage members to provide as much information as they can in order for us to truly know our audience and create courses, learning paths, and new features that are relevant to our user base. We will not share your information with any third parties.

  • What do I get if I purchase an Unlimited Training Subscription?

    Everything! You will have access to every course in our library, the supplemental videos and materials, knowledge assessments, and your personalized certificates of completion. You will also have access to all of the new course releases as they come available AND updates to existing courses as long as you are a member. You will be notified each time we release or update a course.

  • If I buy a single class or a bundle, how long will I be able to view it?

    Single courses typically grant access for 90 days. Bundles typically grant access for 180 days. Please see the notation on each course for access duration.

  • Where can I find the course(s) I have access to?

    After you log into your account, click on the icon to the right of the main menu at the top of the page. In addition to the logout and settings customization functions, you will find your library Once you click you will find all of your courses in alphabetical order; for subscribers, this means every course in our library.

  • How do I review course materials?

    You can review course materials in two ways: First, by utilizing the interactive flipbook below the video lesson. Or, if you prefer, you can download the course materials as PDF documents.

  • Do video lessons accommodate hearing impairments?

    Yes, the video lessons are equipped with Closed Captions in English. Click on the "CC" button on the play bar to turn them on.

  • I would like to review a specific topic in a video. How do I find it?

    To find a topic that was covered by the instructor during a video lesson, use the Closed Captions to search the video. Click on the "CC" button in the play bar and select "search". You will be taken to each timestamped instance of the keywords you provided.

  • Can I review my assessments and retake them?

    Yes, simply open the course and revisit the assessment you wish to review or retake.

  • When will I be provided a certificate of completion?

    The certificate of completion for a course is provided upon completing the last assessment. You will be able to view and download it from the course completion screen, or view it in your certificate archive.

  • How do I review and download certificates of completion at a later time?

    Visit your dashboard by clicking on "My Dashboard" on the right side of the main menu bar, and "My Account" in the drop down menu. Then, click on "Certificates" on the right side. You can view all certificates for courses completed, even if you no longer have access to the course. NOTE: If you opt to delete your account, Access OnDemand may be able to retrieve certificates of completion but results are not guaranteed.

  • I want a customized training solution, or possibly augment training with a hand-on component. How can I request additional options?

    Customized training solutions are available. Click on "Custom Quote" in the main menu for more information.

  • What are my Unlimited Training Subscription options?

    We offer 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions. Each subscription is a cost-effective means of receiving Electrified Vehicle training on an ongoing basis, but the longer subscriptions offer the best value for your training dollar. We DO NOT auto-bill for any subscription renewals, so you must renew your subscription in order to continue using Access OnDemand.

  • Why should I subscribe instead of purchasing a single course?

    Subscribers are generally anyone who wants to make a commitment to understanding Vehicle Electrification and applying practical diagnostic and repair solutions to their daily course of business. Subscribers can be anyone, including service shop owners, technicians, engineers, and automotive educators. Automotive service professionals choose to subscribe to Access OnDemand because it provides a cost-effective, ongoing training option for Vehicle Electrification. Purchasing more than two courses at list price can cost as much as (or more than) a 3-month subscription. By subscribing you are receiving more value for the same (or less) price.

  • Why should I buy a single course instead of a subscription?

    If you feel like there’s only one course that really interests you right now, then purchasing a single course is a good option for you. Just don’t forget that we update our course library, so sign up to receive updates on new releases.

  • I have a promo code. How do I use it?

    There is a field on the checkout screen that allows you to use a promo code. If you have a code that should apply but doesn’t seem to be working, please contact us.

  • I have a discount code. How long will it last?

    That depends on where you received it. Generally the discount code is only available for the product you are purchasing and only for the duration that the product will last. Purchasing a single course is fairly straightforward in that you will receive the specified discount on that course. When we provide discount codes for subscription memberships, the discount will last for the duration of that subscription period of time. Example: If you receive a 15% off discount code for a 3-month membership, the discount will only apply to the initial 3-month duration. If you choose to continue subscribing your membership will be subject to standard subscription rates. Specific discount codes may last for the duration of your membership. If you are unsure please contact us.

  • What is the value of a certificate of completion?

    When you successfully complete a course and take the knowledge assessment you are gauging how well you assimilated the course material and objectives. You are also evaluating how well you can apply that knowledge to applicable situations during your daily activities. By having a certificate of completion you are signaling to your customers (or students), your peers, and your employer that you are qualified to practice in a certain area of Vehicle Electrification. A certificate of completion may also count toward professional development hours required by your employer or an organization of which you are a member (such as NATEF). The certificates you receive will always be available in your dashboard as long as you have access to your account (even if no currently enrolled in that course)

  • What is an Access OnDemand affiliate seller, and how do I become one?

    Our Affiliate program is forthcoming. In essence, you could receive a commission for each customer that you refer to Access OnDemand. Let us know if you want to stay updated on our affiliate program!

  • I saw specialty diagnostic equipment mentioned in a course that is distributed by FutureTech. Where can I get more information?

    We try to remain as objective as possible in our training courses regarding diagnostic tools that are available in the automotive aftermarket. However, sometimes there is just no substitute for some of the tools that are distributed by FutureTech’s NxtGen Service Solutions line. For more information about these tools, check out NxtGen on FutureTech’s website.

  • I want to take a hands-on training course. Where can I do that?

    Hands-on is still the gold standard of automotive training, even (and especially) for Vehicle Electrification. Take a look at our hands-on training at the FutureTech Auto Website.

Still Have Questions?

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