A subscription to Access OnDemand gives you unlimited ACCESS to the Electrified (Hybrid, Electric, and more) Vehicle training you need for servicing advanced technologies. Courses are self-paced and video-based, making them perfect for any schedule or environment. 

Courses can be taken on any internet-enabled device - like your desktop or laptop, PC or MAC, Android or iOS device. So grab your headphones and take a seat in your kitchen, office, service shop, or even on the subway train. Pause and resume training at any time, from anywhere. 

What you get: Instant and unlimited access to all of the Electrified Vehicle training courses in the catalog.

Each course includes:

  • 1-hour video lessons (number of lessons varies by course)
  • Supplemental videos or materials
  • Course Handbooks
  • Learning assessments (quizzes) after every 1-hour video lesson
  • Certificates of completion with every completed course

Use Access OnDemand as your #1 resource as you work with Electrified Vehicles more each day. Watch each video, review all the materials, and take as many assessments as you wish for the duration of your subscription. 

Monthly Price Breakdown: A subscription could be your best route to Electrified Vehicle knowledge and practical application of diagnostics & repair. 

Taking one course at a time (or choosing a bundle) can be the best move for some learners. However, if you're looking to take more than a couple of courses in the Access OnDemand portfolio you may benefit from a subscription.

When purchasing the 6-month subscription up front you could spend as little as $1,499.00 for access to all of the courses. That breaks down to an average of $249.00 per month. 

A 3-month payment plan is also available! 

Your subscription becomes active the day you purchase it and lasts for the duration of your selected plan. We do not auto-bill your account for renewals.

How to Take Courses Once You've Subscribed

Instructions for logging in and viewing training content will be sent to you via email after completing the checkout (or check out our FAQ for more information). You will receive announcements regarding updated content as it comes available. You must be logged in to view materials and course modules.

Electrified Vehicle Training Included in this Bundle

These courses will appear in your dashboard after purchase

Pricing options

Make one payment at a discounted rate, or make three equal payments over three months. Either way, the courses will be available to you for 180 days.