Level 1,2,3 Plug-In/EV On-Board Charging Systems & Chargers

Course #AODL123015

 Recommended Prerequisites:

High Voltage Safety and PPE (#AODHVS010)

High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems (#AODHVVSS001)

Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems (#AODIHEV011)


Course Length: Three 1-hour Video Modules

Instructor: Dr. Mark Quarto

  • Digital Course Handbooks Included (1 per module)
  • Supplemental Materials (1 guide)
  • Learning Assessments (1 quiz per module)
  • Certificate of Completion (1 per completed quiz)


Course Overview

Plug-In and Electric Vehicles are quickly becoming a larger part of the vehicle market due to their all electric operation. These vehicles need access to charging systems to recharge the large battery packs in a short period. This series will cover the 3 Levels of charging stations and the associated vehicle on-board charging systems. It is critical that technicians understand the 3 Levels of charging stations and the vehicle on-board chargers to gain an understanding of charging systems diagnostics and repair. At the conclusion of this series, the technician will know all 3 Levels of charging stations, on-board chargers, how charging station and on-board charger power is controlled and the associated diagnostics.


Course Outline

Part 1: Vehicle On-Board Charging Systems

Part 2: On-Board Charging Systems: Volt, C-Max, Leaf, and Prius Plug-In

Part 3: Level 1,2, and 3 Charging Systems


This course is recommended for: All Automotive Service Professionals (Business owners, service managers, service advisors, and technicians)

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