3-Phase Power Inverter Systems

Course ID: AOD3PPI008

Recommended Prerequisites:

High Voltage Safety (#AODHVS010)

High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems (#AODHVVSS001)

Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems (#AODIHEV011)


Course Length: Four 1-hour Video Modules

Instructor: Dr. Mark Quarto

  • Digital Course Handbooks Included (1 per module)
  • Learning Assessments (1 quiz per module)
  • Certificate of Completion (1 per completed quiz)


Course Overview

This Series on the Power Inverter is the central point of High Voltage distribution in most hybrid systems, whether the vehicle is a Toyota Prius or a Chevrolet Volt.  It not only produces Alternating Current (AC) for the motor-generator systems but, it also produces Direct Current (DC) for charging the battery pack, electric air conditioning, and the DC-DC converter system.  This series will concentrate on how the Power Inverter System creates AC and DC High Voltage electric power by using the IGBT (power transistor), and software controls.  We will also focus on how the Power Inverter System creates AC and DC High Voltage electric power and how electrical current is regulated by control software.  Analysis of 3-Phase waveforms and current regulation will be a key metric in this course.  Additional diagnostic information about rotor bearings will be included.  Analysis and Diagnostic strategies and tools are covered as the main points in this series.  GM, Honda, Lexus, Toyota and other popular products are covered in this course.

At the conclusion of this series the technician will know the fundamentals and operation of Power Inverters as well as obtaining the diagnostic principles of the Power Inverters system.  Scan Tool, Scope, Current Probes, and off-board diagnostic tools will be used heavily in this series.


Course Outline

Part 1: Power Inverter Location and Component Overview

Part 2: Generating 3-Phase Sine and 6-Step Waveforms

Part 3: 3-Phase Sine Wave Generating, Current Regulation, and Waveform Analysis

Part 4: Analysis and Failure Mode Diagnostics with Scopes and Scan Tool PIDs


This course is recommended for: Automotive Technicians

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