Hybrid Electric Vehicle Electric Air Conditioning Systems

Course #AODVEAC012 

Electric Air Conditioning (A/C) systems used in hybrid, plug-in, and electric vehicles are unlike the belt-driven systems used in traditional vehicles. The Stop-Start or all electric operation of a vehicle requires an air conditioning system that operates and cools the cabin (and in some cases the battery pack) regardless of vehicle mode. This series will provide the technician information and practical applications for understanding systems operation, diagnosis, using the correct system oil, and repair of vehicles using a High Voltage A/C system.  GM, Honda, Lexus, Toyota and other popular products featured in this course.

At the conclusion of this course, technicians will have a firm understanding of these systems, how A/C systems can be used to cool battery packs, how to select the correct compressor oils, and testing compressors using Scan Tools and special tools.


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