3-Phase Regenerative Braking Systems

Course #AOD3PRB009

Regenerative (Regen) Braking Systems are responsible for capturing vehicle energy normally lost in friction heat and transferring it to the battery pack for storage so it can be used for accelerating the vehicle. It is vital for technicians to understand this system and how it effects hybrid vehicle operation and the driving range of an all-electric vehicle and how the frequency of brake system service is affected. This series will cover how the Friction and Electric Braking systems operating modes and blended to provide a seamless braking experience for the vehicle operator. Special servicing processes for brake bleeding are also used in and need to be understood by the technician.  The Toyota Prius product is featured in this course but, all the concepts and operation will apply to all other products.

At the conclusion of this series, technicians will know brake system hardware operation and controls, and electric braking operation and controls used in Regen braking. Scan Tool usage, PIDs and DTCs are also included in the series for practical application.


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