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3-Phase Power Inverter Systems
This Series on the Power Inverter is the central point of High Voltage distribution in most hybrid systems, whether the vehicle is a Toyota Prius or a Chevrolet Volt. It not only produces Alternating Current (AC) for the motor-generator systems but, it also produces Direct Current (DC) for charging the battery pack, electric air conditioning, and the DC-DC converter system.
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3-Phase Regenerative Braking Systems

Regenerative (Regen) Braking Systems are responsible for capturing vehicle energy normally lost in friction heat and transferring it to the battery pack for storage so it can be used for accelerating the vehicle. It is vital for technicians to understand this system and how it effects hybrid vehicle operation and the driving range of an all-electric vehicle and how the frequency of brake system service is affected.

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High Voltage DC-DC Converter Systems for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles 

DC-DC converters replace the traditional belt-driven alternator/generator in Hybrid and Electric vehicles. These converters are High Voltage power supplies that step down battery pack voltage to 13.5 – 14.00 to charge the vehicle battery and power vehicle systems. In this series, technicians will learn about the DC-DC Converter construction, operation, and using load testers, meters, and Scopes to test its operation.

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High Voltage Safety

High Voltage Safety & PPE is the primary course that every technician desiring to diagnose or repair hybrid or electric vehicles will need to complete. This course will provide technicians information on how to test High Voltage gloves, when and where to send high voltage gloves for periodic testing, and how to safely use the proper test equipment for measuring High Voltage components in live and disabled High Voltage systems. 

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High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems 

This course should be attended by all technicians before servicing hybrid, plug-in and electric vehicles. These vehicles contain High Voltage DC and AC safety systems that are monitored by vehicle systems controllers that will maintain a safety barrier between the vehicle operator/technician and the vehicle body/chassis to mitigate the possibility of electrical shock.

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High Voltage Wire & Cable Systems Course

High Voltage wires and cables transfer power from one High Voltage device to another. In this series, students will learn about shielded cable construction, how to build shielded cables for jumper cable test leads, how to analyze and repair shielded cable, and the reasons that High Voltage system needs shielded cable. At the conclusion of this series, student will know how to analyze, repair, and build shielded cable used in High Voltage systems.

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How to Test, Analyze, and Diagnose 3-Phase Transmissions

Knowing how to test Permanent Magnet and Induction Motor-Generator units is one of the core analysis and diagnostics performed by a technician on a Hybrid or Electric vehicle to solve a customer complaint. This series will concentrate only on how motors and generators fail and how to test them using test various testing tools and methods that are based on motor-generator testing standards.

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Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Battery Heating & Cooling

Battery Pack Heating and Cooling Systems have become the focal point of the Hybrid, Plug-In, and Electric Vehicle industry, due to their integration with the High Voltage system. This course will prepare participants in understanding and diagnosing the systems.

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Hybrid Electric Vehicle Electric Air Conditioning Systems 

Electric Air Conditioning (A/C) systems used in hybrid, plug-in, and electric vehicles are unlike the belt-driven systems used in traditional vehicles. The Stop-Start or all electric operation of a vehicle requires an air conditioning system that operates and cools the cabin (and in some cases the battery pack) regardless of vehicle mode. This series will provide the technician information and practical applications for understanding systems operation, diagnosis, using the correct system oil, and repair of vehicles using a High Voltage A/C system.

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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle "Tune Up" Maintenance

Traditional vehicles need maintenance; hybrid and electric vehicles need even more maintenance care, due to the different operating modes and additional High Voltage systems. The hybrid vehicle contains more cooling systems, an electric drive or transmission, and need special care of the High Voltage system to ensure optimal operation.

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Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems

Hybrid Electric Vehicle powertrain operation is totally different from the traditional vehicle. It is essential that technicians understand the various operating modes and how failure modes in the hybrid system effect its operation. Scan Tool data, animations, and detailed graphics are used to teach the technician how these systems operate and how different diagnostic approaches are required.

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Level 1,2,3 Plug-In/Electric Vehicle On-Board Charging Systems & Chargers

Plug-In and Electric Vehicles are quickly becoming a larger part of the vehicle market due to their all electric operation. These vehicles need access to charging systems to recharge the large battery packs in a short period. This series will cover the 3 Levels of charging stations and the associated vehicle on-board charging systems. 

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Lithium Ion Battery Family Systems 

The Lithium Ion family of technologies are the primary technology for plug-in and electric vehicles but, it is also being found in hybrid products. The many different Lithium technologies will force technicians to become familiar with it so they will understand how it impacts diagnostics and repair. Each family can have a different discharging voltage characteristic which effects vehicle and Scan Tool diagnostics.

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Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Hybrid Battery Systems 

This course series is a MUST for any technician that is servicing hybrid vehicles. NiMH battery systems continue primary battery technology in hybrid vehicles and have been since the 2000 model year. If a technician doesn’t know the fundamentals of NiMH operation it is impossible for them to provide the customer a solid diagnosis or repair. This course will concentrate on the NiMH technology, how it performs as it ages, how it can effect vehicle performance and fuel economy, and how to test it by using a Scan Tool.

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Service Advisor and Manager Training for Vehicle Electrification

This course provides the Service Advisor or Manager with necessary technical information and new skills so they can guide these customers in the care of their advanced technology vehicles. Additionally, this course will help participants become conversationally versed in the “lingo” of these technologies, gain the trust and confidence of the owner, and accurately convey the customer problem(s) to the technician who will diagnose and service the vehicle.

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