Hybrid Vehicle Battery Installation Tools & Training

DC Battery Hub is a distributor of additional tool and training options for Hybrid Vehicle battery installers. As an installer of DCBH batteries you may be eligible for preferred packages and discounts on these items.

On-Demand Vehicle Electrification Training

Take advantage of these training courses by Access OnDemand, provided to you in partnership with DC Battery Hub.

Access OnDemand includes over 50 1-hour self-paced training modules in Electrified Vehicle technologies (Hybrid, Electric, etc). Training is accessable 24/7/365 from desktop and internet-capable devices. Each course topic series includes video lessons, course handbooks, supplemental materials, assessments, and certificates of completion.

Purchasing options: 

  • 3, 6, and 12-month Unlimited Training Subscriptions
  • Guided course bundles on various topics
  • Individual courses (length varies)
  • As part of a DCBH Installer kit, including a BATTSCAN High Voltage Battery Analyzer and 5% off DCBH Hybrid batteries
Take 25% off of your purchase of a subscription, a bundle, or a course using promo code "DCBH2020" at checkout!









Unlimited Training Subsription

 A subscription to Access OnDemand gives you unlimited ACCESS to the Electrified  (Hybrid, Electric, and more) Vehicle training you need for servicing advanced technologies. Courses are self-paced and video-based, making them perfect for any schedule or environment. 

Courses can be taken on any internet-enabled device - like your desktop or laptop, PC or MAC, Android or iOS device. So grab your headphones and take a seat in your kitchen, office, service shop, or even on the subway train. Pause and resume training at any time, from anywhere. 

3-Month subscription: $779 $584.25

6-Month Subsription: $1,499 $1,124.25 

12-Month Subscription: $2,799 $2,099.25 

(Discount applied at checkout with promo code DCBH2020)

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Featured On-Demand Electrified Vehicle Training Course Bundles

Check out these featured bundled training options. These courses are bundled together to provide a specific base of knowledge, such as Safety or Hybrid maintenance basics. As with subscriptions, take 25% off of your purchase with promo code "DCBH2020" at checkout.

Electrified Vehicle Safety Series

High Voltage Safety is an essential course to complete before servicing or when planning to diagnose or repair hybrid...

Learn More

Hybrid Electric Vehicle System Basics

HEV powertrain operation is totally different from the traditional vehicle. It is essential for those working with th...

Learn More

Electrified Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

This on-demand Vehicle Electrification training bundle will provide the required knowledge for maintaining a fleet th...

Learn More

Individual Electrified Vehicle Training Course Topics

Take a individual on-demand training course for a specific topic on Electrified Vehicle Systems. As with Unlimited Training Subscriptions and course bundles, take 25% off with code "DCBH2020" at checkout.

3-Phase Power Inverter Systems

Learn More

3-Phase Regenerative Braking Systems

Learn More

HV DC-DC Converter Systems for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Learn More

High Voltage Safety and Personal Protective Equipment

Learn More

High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems

Learn More

High Voltage Wire & Cable Systems

Learn More

Test, Analyze, Diagnose 3-Phase Transmissions & Drive Units

Learn More

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Heating & Cooling

Learn More

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems

Learn More

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Tune Up Maintenance

Learn More

Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems

Learn More

Level 1,2,3 On-Board Charging Systems & Chargers

Learn More

Lithium Ion Battery Family Systems

Learn More

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Hybrid Battery Systems

Learn More

Service Advisor Training for Electrified Vehicles

Learn More

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